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price action trading

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Price action is one of the most accurate ways to determine the market movement


Price action is essentially a "language" that is learnt to understand and interpret potential market movements with high probability. Investors trade using price action and day traders also take advantage.


It is suitable for various types of traders and can be applied on currencies and other trading instruments.


Mastering price action enables traders to trade on any chart without the need for any indicators or collaborative analysis. It is a self empowering investment tool that is a must have for the smart trader.


Price action provides the "road map" to investors to be able  to navigate the market with ease. Without adequate direction, your trading is set to be extremely difficult and price action helps to overcome  this.

Benefits of price action trading


  • Determine exact entry and exit points and remove undertainty from the decision making process
  • A systematic approach from analyzing to concluding trades
  • Easy to identify low risk trade setups
  • Clean charts that are easy to read
  • Trade independently away from signal services, advisors and indicators
  • The ability to trade almost any market
  • Know when to hold off on trading
  • Calculated risk taking
  • An excellent method to achieve consistency
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